Deluxe Sessions

Need an event covered or an extended session? Send me a message, always happy to discuss capturing those special moments!

Packages start at $700

Full Session

1-2 Outfits
1-2 Locations within 5.5km
40 Digital Images
Professionally Edited
Print Release


Partial Session

1 Outfit
1 Location
20 Digital Images
Professionally Edited
Print Release



Do you travel?

Currently, I'm based in the Mid-Island area; including Nanaimo, Parksville, Port Alberni, Qualicum, and the Oceanside communities. I am available to travel outside that region to other areas of Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland. I've lived on the Island for 30 years and know of so many hidden spots that make for picture-perfect photos.

What to wear?

First and always, something comfy!

Long flowy dresses add amazing movement to a shot. I suggest starting with your outfit and pulling colours out of that for everyone else, think coordinating colours and not matchy-matchy! Natural solid colours are so timeless, earthy neutrals or soft pastels work perfectly. Delicate florals are also a beautiful addition but when it comes to outfits please keep them logo-free. It's your special day and if blue jeans are your go-to, then rock them! Don't be afraid to add layers, textures, and accessorize.

One tip is to avoid items with repetitive fine stripes, lines, dots, and checkers; they tend to overload the camera sensor and cause optical illusions called moiré.

And the final details, don't forget about shoes, a manicure (guys too), or a spare hair-tie!

Bringing a bag is an awesome idea to keep miscellaneous things like your keys, phone, sunglasses, or water in. Be aware, I WILL ask that you empty your pockets before the photoshoot!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

I'm always flexible! On the day of, if time and light allow it then most definitely.

What kind of gear do you use?

I'm a Canon girl! 📷

My main squeeze is a beautiful full-frame Canon 5D mark III (backup T5i), usually equipped with a Sigma 85mm art, 24-105mm, 50mm, 28mm, 18-55mm, in addition to speedlight and video light. Plus I'm always expanding my arsenal!

What is hand-editing?

Professional photography is more than just throwing a filter or preset on an image and calling it a day. With every image selected from the proof gallery I go into detailed post-processing; adjusting tones, textures, and using artistic brushes. Spending hours meticulously polishing up each image to be the best version while still preserving the uniqueness in every photo.

How long does it take to receive images?

Start to finish, typically it takes two weeks for the completion of a gallery.

This is the behind-the-scenes of my craft! Following your session I carefully sort through all the photos, then go through the first steps in post-processing, next I create a gallery full of images for you to proof. From there, you select your favourites and I start the final detailed stages of post-processing. Once complete your session is uploaded to an online gallery and I send you the link!

Please make sure to download your gallery, screenshotting will result in low quality, blurry images.

Can I get the RAW files?

The short answer is no.

I do not release RAW files, what you receive from a session are edited jpeg files. The finalized image is my own artistic style and has little representation from its original digital state. RAW photos are often under-exposed, fully unedited, and require specialized software to even view or open them.

Can I get ALL the images?

All images in the proof gallery are available for finalized editing and purchase!

As part of my editing process, I select only the best images and delete any that don't meet my standards. This includes test shots, repeats, and blurriness; it is my objective to provide only the highest quality.

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